A range of multi-protocol routers

LonWorks® Oxtopus Router

The range

Oxtopus contains in the same housing 2 independent routers LonWorks® (EIA-709 and EIA-852) and Modbus (EIA-485).

Oxtopus offers a great modularity with 4 wired  ports that have a wide range of protocol combinations.

LonWorks® Oxtopus

The number of TP/FT ports is between 1 and 4 and can be determined according to the project’s needs with LonWorks and / or Modbus ports.

Field bus security

The unique function of on-going impedance measurement of bus lines gives a diagnosis with DELs when the router is settled and with Modbus IP registers when it is in supervision.

Time schedules

In order to be as closed as possible to the field modules, the « Scheduler » option offers 10 time schedules with Lon variables inputs and outputs. A BACnet supervision manages schedules and values.

Fonction Switch LonWorks

The Oxtopus router on the LonWorks protocol can be used as a switch. This function, which does not require installation, filters the protocol addresses to limit traffic and simplifies the installation of equipment on fieldbuses.

Powerful processor

The sensor’s core is designed around a 120MHz ARM processor with 128Kb RAM and 1Mb Flash.

Ref Lon Modbus Scheduler Wifi
Ox-1Lo 1
Ox-1Lo-Wi 1 Yes
Ox-1Lo-Sc 1 Yes
Ox-1Lo-Sc-Wi 1 Yes Yes
Ox-1Lo-1Mo 1 1
Ox-1Lo-1Mo-Wi 1 1 Yes
Ox-1Lo-1Mo-Sc 1 1 Yes
Ox-1Lo-1Mo-Sc-Wi 1 1 Yes Yes
Ox-1Lo-2Mo 1 2
Ox-1Lo-2Mo-Wi 1 2 Yes
Ox-1Lo-2Mo-Sc 1 2 Yes
Ox-1Lo-2Mo-Sc-Wi 1 2 Yes Yes
Ox-2Lo 2
Ox-2Lo-Wi 2 Yes
Ox-2Lo-Sc 2 Yes
Ox-2Lo-Sc-Wi 2 Yes Yes
Ox-2Lo-1Mo 2 1
Ox-2Lo-1Mo-Wi 2 1 Yes
Ox-2Lo-1Mo-Sc 2 1 Yes
Ox-2Lo-1Mo-Sc-Wi 2 1 Yes Yes
Ox-2Lo-2Mo 2 2
Ox-2Lo-2Mo-Wi 2 2 Yes
Ox-2Lo-2Mo-Sc 2 2 Yes
Ox-2Lo-2Mo-Sc-Wi 2 2 Yes Yes
Ox-3Lo 3
Ox-3Lo-Wi 3 Yes
Ox-3Lo-Sc 3 Yes
Ox-3Lo-Sc-Wi 3 Yes Yes
Ox-3Lo-1Mo 3 1
Ox-3Lo-1Mo-Wi 3 1 Yes
Ox-3Lo-1Mo-Sc 3 1 Yes
Ox-3Lo-1Mo-Sc-Wi 3 1 Yes Yes
Ox-4Lo 4
Ox-4Lo-Wi 2 Yes
Ox-4Lo-Sc 2 Yes
Ox-4Lo-Sc-Wi 2 Yes Yes



Architecture: LonWorks® Oxtopus features

This architecture was designed from an Oxtopus router into 3 versions: 3 ports TP/FT LonWorks®, 1 port Modbus RTU master and Scheduler option.

LonWorks® Oxtopus has 10 scheduled BACnet objects associated to 10 LonWorks functional blocks, each one of them manipulating the 7 most used variables in BM. The Lon node is settled with all LNS tools such as NL220, LonMaker or NLFacilities. The user’s interface for time schedules and associated values is directly managed by supervision in BACnet. Each LonWorks functional block has input variables that allow forcing or testing on output variables.

LonWorks® Oxtopus talks in Modbus RTU with sub-meters or measuring station ensuring a transparency of orders in Modbus. An integrated diagnosis gives the active and present Slaves list, each Slave’s state, errors and communication timeouts.


Power 12-24VDC and 24VAC – 6VA
Dimension and mounting 161 x 88.5 x 56 mm, montage sur Rail DIN 43880
Operating conditions 0 +60°C in operation / -20+80°C en storage / 10-80% RH
Protection IP20

CE standard, all components comply with ROHS European directive

Electromagnetic compatibility Emission EN 55022 A/B – Immunity EN 61000-6-2
Flammability UL94-VO self-extinguishing
EIA-485 linkage Isolated entry. Format, parity and speed are customizable from 1200 to 115200 bauds
AoN entry Three isolated 24V DC entry.
AoN outpout Five isolated 24V DC outpout.
USB Port


Used for setting up, program downloading


Real time clock Save by battery