LonWorks and BACnet Oxtopus Router on a twisted pair

IzoT Oxtopus router

(EN 14908-7)

The range

Oxtopus contains in the same housing 4 independent routers: IP, LonWorks®, BACnet and ModBus (EIA-485).
Oxtopus offers a great modularity with 4 wired ports that have a wide range of protocol combinations (max. 2 IzoT ports).

Reference BACnet Modbus Wifi
Ox-1Ba 1
Ox-1Ba-Wi 1 Yes
Ox-1Ba-1Mo 1 1
Ox-1Ba-1Mo-Wi 1 1 Yes
Ox-1Ba-2Mo 1 2
Ox-1Ba-2Mo-Wi 1 2 Yes
Ox-2Ba 2
Ox-2Ba-Wi 2 Yes
Ox-2Ba-1Mo 2 1
Ox-2Ba-1Mo-Wi 2 1 Yes
Ox-2Ba-2Mo 2 2
Ox-2Ba-2Mo-Wi 2 2 Yes
Ox-3Ba 3
Ox-3Ba-Wi 3 Yes
Ox-3Ba-1Mo 3 1
Ox-3Ba-1Mo-Wi 3 1 Yes
Ox-4Ba 4
Ox-4Ba-Wi 4 Yes
IzoT Oxtopus

The number of TP/FT ports is between 1 and 2 and can be completed according to the project’s need with or Modbus ports.

Field bus security

The unique function of on-going impedance measurement of bus lines ensures a diagnosis with DELs when the router is settled and with Modbus IP registers when it is in supervision.


In order to be as close as possible to the field modules, the « scheduler » option offers 10 time programs with Lon variables (input and output) managed by a BACnet supervision.


Architecture: the functions of Oxtopus IzoT®.

This architecture was designed with an Oxtopus 1 IzoT TP/FT port and the scheduler option.

On the same twisted pair, IzoT routers can be linked with LonWorks or IzoT modules. Only IzoT modules can answer to the IP and BACnet protocols. This makes the architecture FULL IP from A to Z. The “ping” key enables to check if there are IzoT products on the twisted pair. The IP BACnet router ensures that requests are transferred from supervision to products. Important keys supported by IzoT modules in “polling” mode are: RP (Read Property), RMP (Read Properties Multiple) and COV in event mode (Change Of Value). All properties of BACnet objects are made available by the manufacturer. They are also available without any gateway nor engineering.

In option, IzoT Oxtopus offers 10 time schedules. Functional LonWorks blocks are equipped with 7 types of most common used variables. LonWorks node is set up with open LNS tools such as NL220, CT or NLFacilities.

The user interface for schedules and values are managed in BACnet directly by the supervision.

Each functional block owns input variables to enable forcing or testing on output variable.


Power 12-24VDC and 24VAC 6VA
Dimension et mounting 161 x 88.5 x 56 mm, DIN Rail 43880 mounting
Operating conditions 0+60°C in operation / -20+80°C en storage / 10-80% RH
Protection IP20
Certification CE standard, all components comply with ROHS European directive
Electromagnetic Compatibility Emission EN 55022 A/B – Immunity EN 61000-6-2
Flammability UL94-VO self-extinguishing