A range of multi-protocol routers

BACnetTM Oxtopus Router

The range

BACnet Oxtopus contains in the same housing independent BACnetTM MS/TP and Modbus (EIA-485) routers.
BACnet Oxtopus routers offers a great modularity with 4 wired ports that have a wide range of protocol combinations.

LonWorks® Oxtopus

The number of MS/TP ports is between 1 and 4 and can be determined according to the project’s needs with Modbus ports.

Field bus security

The unique function of on-going impedance measurement of BACnet and Modbus lines ensures a diagnosis with DELs when the router is settled and with Modbus IP registers when it is in supervision.

Reference BACnet Modbus Wifi
Ox-1Ba 1
Ox-1Ba-Wi 1 Yes
Ox-1Ba-1Mo 1 1
Ox-1Ba-1Mo-Wi 1 1 Yes
Ox-1Ba-2Mo 1 2
Ox-1Ba-2Mo-Wi 1 2 Yes
Ox-2Ba 2
Ox-2Ba-Wi 2 Yes
Ox-2Ba-1Mo 2 1
Ox-2Ba-1Mo-Wi 2 1 Yes
Ox-2Ba-2Mo 2 2
Ox-2Ba-2Mo-Wi 2 2 Yes
Ox-3Ba 3
Ox-3Ba-Wi 3 Yes
Ox-3Ba-1Mo 3 1
Ox-3Ba-1Mo-Wi 3 1 Yes
Ox-4Ba 4
Ox-4Ba-Wi 4 Yes



Power 12-24VDC et 24VAC 6VA
Dimension et mounting 161 x 88.5 x 56 mm, DIN Rail 43880 mounting
Operating conditions 0+60°C in operation / -20+80°C en storage / 10-80% RH
Protection IP20

CE standard, all components comply with ROHS European directive

Electromagnetic Coloatibility Emission EN 55022 A/B – Immunité EN 61000-6-2
Flammability UL94-VO self-extinguishing