The local LoRa radio acquisition base

Lora Ox-Base

Acquisition, display and alarms management


With a whole range of LoRa sensors and our know-how in the protocols, Occitaline developed a LoRa acquisition and displaying station. Associated with environmental sensors or energy measurement sensors, Ox-Bras LoRa is the perfect missing chain of your energy data acquisition and environmental measurement network.

Local LoRa radio communication

LoRa network offers, in radio, communication over 1km wide or on several levels of a building. Capacities of LoRa protocol enable to manage different communication channels and different flows, thus optimizing the carried/speed ratio and therefore batteries autonomy for some types of sensors. LoRa Ox-Base, thanks to the full exploitation of LoRaWan protocol, guarantees a maximum security for acquired data. Communication is encrypted by conception, data remain local which ensures property protection.


LoRa Ox-Base is fully configurable by embedded Web pages.

Values acquisition

Ox-Base can record digital data from 100 sensors. For each data, Ox-Base attributes a BIM name, structured and hierarchical, a unit, a scaling by decade, the calculation of a floating average over the last values as well as alarm limits and onset timeline.

BIM name example: Building.Floor01.Cabinet.Water_Meter

The « . » dots are name dividers. Two names with the identical first two fields are thus associated to a same zone for navigation or reports edition. 



Values Clustering

Several values processed in a same acquisition time lapse can be clustered when selecting an operator: sum, average, Min, Max. The clustered value is available on the home page. This function enables the user to have a display of the same consumption family or to compare the same scale values for environmental quality purposes (for example: CO2).

Local storage mode

Data are stocked with their acquisition date on an internal, non-volatile memory.  On the values consultation page, an export can be made in CSV format to be analysed with your spreadsheet.

Simple exploitation of data


Data protection by login

With a user account, data are only accessible by authorized persons. The administrator account attributes rights to each user.

Web graphical display

On the left hand, a menu gives access to the different sections. The home page, via different tabs, shows the main data and alarms data. The graph shows data per hour, day or month.

Simple navigation

A clear horizontal navigation shows all the parameters of a same zone on a same timeline.

Weekly and monthly reports

On archived data, it is possible to generate reports about a point in time or over a period of time with a weekly or monthly repeat. The PDF report is generated for a unique value or for a zone. When the report is generated on a zone, all measures on the zone are listed on the first page, each page shows the value’s graph on the date range as well as when alarm thresholds exceeded over this date range.

Alarming sent by email

When Ox-Bras is connected to the Internet and users are declared as authorized to receive alarms, if thresholds overrun, a graph is created and an email is sent with this graph enclosed.


Power supply 5 Vcc, 12W (Optional power adapter)
Size and format 46 * 124 * 105 mm (Width * Height * Depth), DIN 43880 rail mounting
Operating conditions -5…+55°C / 20-75% RH
Weight 367g
Frequency 868MHz à 870MHz
Rx Reception Max -15 dBm / Listening on parallel modulation / simulation of 49 demodulators
Tx Issue Typical +20 dBm
Ethernet 1 RJ45 port with Web, Ftp, Modbus access